In view of the recent guidance from the Government and the LTA in respect of Covid 19, the Club’s Committee has decided the following will apply from the 27th July 2021:

  • Test and Trace will not now be required for any members arranging their own social play.  However, records will be kept of those attending coaching, matches and organised social sessions.

  • Members are asked to follow this Covid advice:

–  High temperature, symptoms or positive Covid test result = NO PLAY.

–  Please keep a respectful distance from others.

–  Please use hand gel regularly to maintain good hand hygiene.

  • We will continue to monitor LTA guidanceand keep members updated when necessary.


The LTA produced updated guidance for Players and Venues in advance of the 17th May when further easing of Covid restrictions took.  The LTA  Summary Grid  (see link below) set out what is and isn’t from the 17th May at all Registered Venues.  This guidance is still in effect until the Government says otherwise.

Members should read the relevant guidance so they know what is expected by you and others at the club when you play.  The Committee will consider the guidance and alter procedures where it needs to.  The priority as ever is that we all keep safe.

Summary grid – 15th July

Players Guidance

Venues Guidance

Welcome to the new website of Ridgeway Tennis Club. 

This new site brings a fresh, more modern look to our website.  It is easier to navigate around than the previous one which has served us well since 2008.  The information is all relevant and will be added to whenever necessary.

I would like to thank two people for their help in developing this.  Firstly, to Peter Mason, who has done all the work on the background structure, the setting up of the site and transferring some of the basic information about the club and its history from the old site.  Secondly to Lindy Payling who works for Purplefish Creative Artwork who has kindly done the design of the club logo at the top of the site and the creative design on the various posters etc you will see on this site, on the club’s Facebook page and club noticeboards.  I hope you like all these smart and eye-catching designs too.   I have completed all the other information on the site.

The site itself offers some new features:
Sidebar:  The sidebar has three features – Upcoming events, Recent News and BBC Tennis news (just click on any item for more information about the individual event or news).  By clicking on the words ‘BBC Tennis News‘ you will be taken to the Home page of BBC Sport page.  The sidebar is there on every page apart from the calendar.
Fixtures:  A dedicated Fixtures page lists all the fixtures for our competetive teams and you will see that the different leagues are colour coded.
Calendar:   All our main organised activities through the summer can be found on the Calendar page – matches, social tennis and coaching etc.  Simple to use and if you put the cursor over a calendar entry you will get some more information e.g. where there is a match, it will tell you where the match is and who the opponents are and start and approximate finish times.
Tournaments: There is a dedicated Tournaments page and all the draws will be accessible from this page once the draws have been made.
Links: There are various links through the site – on the Home page there is a link to the club’s Facebook page, and to Ridgeway Sports and Social Club.  On the Sidebar there is a link to the BBC Sport page by clicking on  BBC Tennis News and links to the four most recent tennis news item from the BBC Sport pages. a link to the S & D LTA site on the Fixtures page and a link to the LTA site on the LTA page.  There is also a link to Club Rackets on the Open Morning information in Upcoming events once you open the item up.
Mick Mason