Men’s team feel the heat from Grove C

The men’s team lost by 3-1 to Grove C on a hot afternoon at Ridgeway in a pretty tight match thaat could have gone either way.  Rob Mitchell played with John Hallgarth and they kicked off against the first Grove pair and just lost on a long tie-break after sets had been shared at 3-6, 6-4. Meanwhile Danny Lidster and Craig Watkins, making his debut for Ridgeway, won on a long tie break after sets had been shared at 7-6, 2-6.  With the match at 1 rubber each after the first round it was all to play for in the second round.  Rob and John just lost to the seconds, again on a long tie-break, after sets shared at 3-6, 7-6 whilst Danny and Craig lost by 4-6, 3-6 to the firsts.

Final match score was Rubbers 1-3, Sets 3-5, Games 36-48.

Works League team suffer Welbeck defeat

The Works League team suffered defeat on Wednesday to Welbeck A at the Nottinghamshire club’s courts.  Tim Robinson partnered John Hallgarth and Danny Lidster partnered Keith Hukin.  Both couples had identical score is their respective rubbers

The first Welbeck were very strong and won each of their rubbers by 9-0 and in the matches against the second couple both Ridgeway pairs lost by 9-3 meaning it was a 4-0 defeat and a games score of 36 -6 in Welbeck’s favour.

Midweek Mixed team beat Moorgate B in thriller

Ridgeway beat Moorgate B at Ridgeway in a very tight game which came down to a countback on games after both rubbers and sets had been shared between the teams.

Rob Mitchell partnered Vicky Hukin whilst Dave Bramhall partnered Lucy Mitchell.  Rob and Vicky lost to the first couple on a deciding tie break after sets of 4-6, 6-3 whilst Dave and Lucy beat the seconds by 6-1, 6-2.  In the second round Rob and Vicky beat the seconds on a deciding ti-ebreak after sets of 6-7, 6-1 and Dave and Lucy lost to the firsts by 6-7. 3-6.

Final match score was Rubbers 2-2, Sets 4-4 and games total was 44-34 in Ridgeway’s favour.

Men’s team beaten at Rustlings

After last week’s victory the team found the going tough at Rustlings on Saturday (5th June) and lost the match by 4-0.  Danny Lidster and Tim Robinson lost to the first Rustlings pair by 1-6, 2-6 whilst second pair of Rob Mitchell and Jasper Patel (making his competetive debut for Ridgeway) lost to the second pair by 3-6, 4-6.  The second round of games saw Danny and Tim lose to the seconds by 1-6, 2-6 whist Rob and Jasper lost to the firsts by 4-6. 0-6.   Hope you enjoyed the experience Jasper!

Final score was Rubbers 0-4, Sets, 0-8, Games 17-48.  The team currently stand 6th out of 10 in Division 5 and the table can be seen by going to’s/New Men’s Division 5/Table

Bank Holiday Fun Tournament success

On Bank Holiday Monday,  13 club members enjoyed a great morning of tennis in fabulous sunshine and took part in a fun American double’s competition.   After 7 competitive rounds of short matches with different partners, Lucy Mitchell narrowly won by one point from Dave Bramhall and Jasper Patel.  Thanks to Rob Mitchell  for organising and running the tournament and to everyone who turned up,  Everyone seemed to enjoy it and we look forward to putting similar events on in the future.

Men’s team beat Beauchief D at Ridgeway

On a glorious afternoon weatherwise, Ridgeway’s men’s team beat Beauchief D at Ridgeway by 4-0.   In the first round of matches Glyn Rudge and Danny Lidster beat the visitors number one pair by the convincing score of 6-0, 6-1 whilst Dave Bramhall and Mick Mason beat the second pair by 6-3, 6-4.  In the second round Glyn and Danny beat the second pair by 6-3, 6-3 whilst Dave and Mick beat the first pair by 6-3, 7-5.

Final match score was Rubbers 4-0, Sets 8-0, Games 49-22.

Bank Holiday Fun Tournament

As its Bank Holiday Monday and the weather is set to be good for a change, we are looking to hold a fun morning of tennis on Bank Holiday Monday from 10.30 to around 12.30 to 1.00

Hopefully if there are sufficient numbers, we will run an American doubles tournament. This involves playing really short matches (3 or 5 games) with lots of different partners. There will be some incredibly impressive prizes (Don’t get too excited !) For this to work there needs to be more than eight players, which hopefully we will have. Don’t worry about playing in a tournament, it is just for fun and the prize for coming last is actually better than first I think !!!!

There will be some light refreshments although the pavilion will not be open.

If you think you may be able to come along, can you let Rob Mitchell know either by text to 07939 208421 or email to If on the day you can’t make it that’s fine, but for logistic purposes it would be handy to know a rough number of people to expect.
On a separate note, there is NO junior or adult coaching Monday, as the coach is on holiday. This means the courts will be available all evening. Also, to let you know there will be league mixed matches at the courts for the next four weeks therefore the Tuesday Social evening will not be run. There will however continue to be a social session on Thursday evening and Sunday Morning.
Hope you can make it on Monday if you are free.

The usual Covid rules on social distancing and safety will still apply.

Ridgeway beat the weather but not Moorgate in Works League

On a rain affected evening Ridgeway managed to complete the Works League match against Moorgate A at Ridgeway but lost the match by 0-4.  The match was late starting due to a heavy cloudburst at just before 6:00 pm but play eventually got under way and the match was then completed without futher interruption.

First couple Danny Lidster and Glyn Rudge had two good close rubbers, losing 7-9 in each one whilst Ben Kay and Rob Mitchell lost by 4-9 to the second Moorgate pair and by 0-9 to the firsts.

Final match score: Rubbers 0-4 Games 18-36

Mixed team lose at Rustlings

The Mixed Doubles made its first ever visit to Rustlings Tennis Club but came away on the wrong end of the score with a 4-0 defeat.  Rob Mitchell partnered Vicky Hukin whilst Lucy Mitchell partnered Keith Hukin.

In the first round Rob and Vicky lost to the first Rustlings pair on a long tie-break after sets were shared at 6-4, 1-6.   Keith and Lucy took on the Rustlings second pair first of all but lost by 5-7, 2-6.

In the second round of matches Rob and Vicky lost to the second pair by 1-6, 4-6 whilst Keith and Lucy lost by 5-7, 0-6 to the first pair.

Final score was Rubbers 0-4, Sets, 1-7 and Games were 24-48.