Sunday social morning

Sunday Social –
Hi all, I’m Kim, in the committee member who’ll be facilitating this week’s social tennis session from 10:30 -12:30 on Sunday 13th September
We’ve had a few people ask how the session works so hopefully this will give a sense of the session.
All are welcome, and if you’re a new member do come along.  We can answer any questions, and introduce you to people to play with.
Sheila led a great session last week, here’s how it worked…
The three courts were used for playing half hour matches.  After the half hour, or the end of the game being played at the half hour mark, new player combinations were agreed.
The numbers last week lent themselves to two doubles courts and singles on the centre court.  We had an odd number of members so one player had the opportunity to rest. (Bring a chair if you’ll want something to sit on.)
During the session there were doubles and mixed doubles matches. If people prefer not to play singles that’s completely fine.
Covid Safety:   We follow LTA Covid guidelines with social distancing on court and change ends using opporsite sides of the net.  There is a tap of rackets at the end of the matches to replace the hand shake. Anti-bac gel dispensers are at each end of the courts. There is a set of balls for each court solely for Sunday social tennis play.   We’ll take down everyone’s names and will advise Sandra for Tracing.
All welcome, it’s a fun session. Hope to see you there. Kim